Benefits & Features

Features Overview

VaxisEHR’s features will benefit your travel clinic financially as well as in practical daily use.

  • No up-front costs, just a low monthly fee with unlimited use from any computer.
  • Turnkey start-up; easy to learn and use.
  • Upgrades are automatic. No downloading is ever required.
  • Online patient registration before the office visit offers real clinic time savings.
  • Automatic printing of prescriptions
VaxisEHR allows you to create:
  • Follow-up reminders to patients based on patient preference
  • Itemized invoices at the time of any visit
  • Vaccine report for schools and workplace
  • Full scheduling support for multiple locations and multiple employees
  • Simple reporting for business analysis
  • Letters to referring or family doctor, to keep their records up-to-date
  • Report of your clinic’s referral sources
  • Yellow Fever exemption letter
  • Tuberculosis skin test report

Financial benefits

  • Reduce overhead and eliminate storage of patient records
  • No data back-up charges
  • Set reorder triggers to maximize inventory efficiency
  • Set reminders to help avoid lost follow-up visits
  • Increase your visibility with vaccine reports to referring physicians
  • Instantly produce patient lists for vaccine lot recalls
  • Eliminate unnecessary advertising by using referral source reports
  • Batch vaccine appointments when necessary
  • Evaluate profitable travel-related products

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You don’t need to download the software or constantly upgrade it. And your medical files are securely protected and backed up in multiple locations.

Practical Benefits

Save money by saving time

  • The cost savings from having your patients register online is almost enough to pay for the monthly use of VaxisEHR.
  • Instant, complete access to prior notes and records. No wading through pages of paper!
  • Fast data entry during and after the office visit. That means quick patient registration, quick file retrieval—and quick patient invoicing.
  • Automatic reminders to help you schedule patients for
    follow-up appointments.
  • Accurate and real-time inventory knowledge.
  • The patient record is automatically completed with the vaccine batch number, VIS version, vaccine dose, date, manufacturer, lot number, site and name of provider.
  • An easy-to-learn application with built-in help.

Accurately inventory vaccines

VaxisEHR offers a dynamic log of each vaccine, lot number and number of doses remaining in stock. When you enter a request for vaccination, the system displays the remaining inventory, color-coded to alert you to reorder. Set your own defaults for reorder prompts based on remaining inventory.

Verify and report on vaccines

With VaxisEHR, you get instant reporting of vaccine and medication history.

  • You can accurately and easily search for all patients who have received any vaccine by vaccine name, lot number and/or date range.
  • VaxisEHR’s complete vaccine report delivers a personalized patient-friendly vaccine history with a follow-up schedule. You can also, with one-click, produce a personalized letter and detailed immunization report for referring physicians and providers.
  • Identify patients involved in vaccine recall.
  • Quickly and easily provide verification to physicians, schools or workplaces that need proof of vaccination.

Report on clinic business

VaxisEHR includes a wide range of one-touch business reports that you access from the menu bar. Track billing revenues for today, this month or this year. What countries are your patients visiting? Where are your referrals coming from? You can run reports to find out. Some other report types include:

  • Product/Service Summary – lists all products/services billed in a given date range
  • Payment Summary – lists all payments grouped by payment type in a given date range
  • Billing Detail – Lists all patients/products billed in a given date range
  • Unpaid Invoices – Lists all unpaid invoices in a given date range
  • Day Sheet – Lists all appointments scheduled for a given day
  • Call Sheet – Lists all appointments scheduled for a given day with phone numbers
  • Product Listing – Lists all active product/services setup in the system
  • Accounting Reports – Multiple A/R reports used for tracking accounts receivable