A Comprehensive Electronic Health Record System Designed For Travel Clinics

Vaccine Reporting

One-touch vaccine and medication history for reporting to other physicians, as well as schools who often need a student’s proof of vaccines, and for the workplace as well. Real time inventory of vaccinations and biologicals.

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Search Capabilities

Beyond being able to search by patient name, you can also search by vaccine lot #, visit date, countries visited, the source of referrals and more.

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Accurate Patient Records

Clear and simple documentation of every clinic action helps ensure accurate patient records. Document patient questions, travel plans and itineraries, or include notes for later reference.

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COVID-19 Testing

With the COVID19 pandemic disrupting the world, it is extremely important to have easy access and highly available testing. With VaxixEHR you can book and manage Covid19 testing easily. Contact Us for more information.

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