Vaxis App

Windows Standalone

To get the latest standalone version, use the download link below.

Extract & Run

Extract the contents of the zip file on your PC and then run the Vaxis.exe. If you are prompted with a warning about the application, proceed to allow the application to run (on Windows 10 you will have to click “More Info” then “Run anyways”)

You should then be able to log in from within the application.

Adobe AIR App

Supports both Windows and Mac OS

To get the latest Vaxis AIR app you first need to ensure you have the appropriate Adobe AIR Runtime installed on your machine, if you need to install it use the links below.

*Note* Windows users may use either the standalone app OR the Adobe Air app. MacOS users must use only the Air app.

Download the Vaxis AIR App

Once Adobe AIR Runtime is installed on your device you can proceed to download and install the app.

Run / Install App

Open the downloaded .air file and proceed to install the application.

Once installed you can now run the Vaxis AIR app and proceed to log in.